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Eugene Builders Exchange

The Eugene Builders Exchange is a membership non-profit corporation plan center. EBE was founded in 1948 and became a non-profit corporation in 1950 and has been run by a Board of Directors ever since. The Exchange is open for membership to sub-contractors, suppliers, manufacturer’s representatives, bonding and insurance companies, general contractors, construction consultants, and other service oriented firms.

EBE is constantly improving its facilities and accommodations for its members. We strive to be state of the art and are always looking forward as the industry dictates. We’ve moved from a single copy machine, typewriter, and mimeograph to the current setup of regular copy machines, two full-size monochrome plan copiers, 1 full-size color plan copier, 2 scanners, five computers. Our present facility is more than four times the size of the original location. For more than 65 years we have served the greater Eugene/Springfield area and beyond. Some of our membership even reaches other states. Our goal is to give our members all the resources they need to not only be successful in their business but also successful in the bidding process, networking and the ability to build a better tomorrow.

Getting a no obligation Health Insurance quote is easy! Just fill out the EBE Employer Smart Census and send to [email protected]

To learn more about EBE visit www.ebe.org

Association Partners

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EBE Contractors Health Benefit Exchange

We are the contractors’ “Premier” Health, Wellness, and Benefits provider in the NW. As a private exchange, we are managed by the association members and board of directors. All association members groups are in a large group purchasing collective that can better control costs through the management of benefit products. Our service providers multiple carriers, compliance documentation and a complete electronic benefit administration for private and public CCB licensed contractors.

Product Lines

  • Kaiser Permanente Medical, Rx, Dental, Vision and Alternative Care
  • Samaritan Medical, Rx, Vision and Alternative Care
  • Colonial Life Voluntary STD, Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Medical Bridge and Life

Scope of Services Provided

  • Premium Holiday on groups that enroll 26 or more employees with most of our medical offerings
  • Split carrier (HMO and PPO) offerings when groups are 50 and over with no minimum for each carrier or re-rating
  • Cafeteria 125 plan for pre-tax deductions
  • COBRA services and administration
  • Consolidated invoicing- real time management BSI
  • Prevailing Wage Fringe management
  • 24/7 Online Benefit Administration “SIMON”
  • Defined Contribution Benefit Administration
  • Group Voluntary with “No Minimums and Guaranteed Issue on all Products”

Additional Services

  • HSA, HRA Full Service
  • 125 Pre-Tax and Full Flex Services
  • Fringe Benefit Group Retirement and Investment Services
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • COBRA Administration
  • All groups are eligible State Wide
  • Multiple plans available for all employees through group plan
  • Life Balance Card
  • Wellness plans from each carrier

Approved Brokers

Brokers are approved once they have joined the association as associate member agencies or agent and completed a training class to offer the Trust Products and Services. If your agent has not completed either of these steps they cannot offer the products to you. Give your broker our number and we will set them up to be approved brokers.

If you are not currently working with a broker, What If USA will assign an approved broker to you.

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